The BEAM Team

The Data Team

Beau Bush

President & Founder, Ozmosi

Beau Bush brings to every client a rich background in predictive analytics, risk assessments, and valuation models for the pharmaceutical industry. He has more than 15 years of experience in developing data-based business and investment strategies, including extensive experience preparing and delivering senior-level summaries and recommendations for global investment and growth strategies.

With newly emerging business models and increasing complexity in drug development making it more and more difficult to predict the impact of new products—or decide which products to pursue—Beau envisioned a company that could bring clarity and confidence to the investment decisions that shape tomorrow’s pharmaceutical products.

Beau has a BS in biology from Rutgers University and has worked in several industries, including finance, pharmaceuticals, marine biology, environmental science, and business consulting. 

He brings to Ozmosi a deep understanding and broad knowledge of global market valuation and healthcare product development, as well as an extensive network of industry experts.

Michael Hudak

Data Services, Ozmosi

Michael leads Data Services with strong background in supply chain and financial analytics.  In addition to his analytics background he is an industry expert in clinical trial data and is often the senior analyst on our internal and client based clinical trial data analysis projects. He is highly proficient with data processing practices and tools necessary for analyzing the vast amounts of data connected to the healthcare industry. Michael was the lead developer of our Customized BEAM business intelligence tool and led the creation of the Global Clinical Trials database.

In his spare time at OZMOSI Michael leads Client Services projects too, such as pharmaceutical portfolio reviews, forecast tool development and company valuations for M&A analyses.

Michael earned his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Salisbury University in Maryland. With this education, he brings a breadth of knowledge which is applied daily to OZMOSI’s various projects.

Molly Felter

Business Development, Ozmosi


Molly is responsible for fostering new partnerships and providing our clients with the customized and specific research that their important projects demand. 


When she is not busy delivering insights for our clients she is making sure our other projects are on time and on budget, she keeps things running at OZMOSI. Molly has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Rutgers University. 


Joe Edelmann

CFA Analyst, Ozmosi

Joe lends his support to both Client and Data Services, with a passion for data and a strong background in financial analysis and modeling.

Prior to joining OZMOSI, Joe was a Senior Analyst at the Princeton University Investment Company, where he helped evaluate the University’s investments in real estate, natural resources, and private equity. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Princeton University, and the CFA charter in 2017.

Diego Sarachaga

Data Engineer, Ozmosi


Diego brings his expertise on developing data set processes for data modeling, mining and production. He also recommends ways to improve reliability, efficiency and quality. Moreover, he performs machine learning algorithms to prepare and use data for predictive and prescriptive modeling.


Diego is a computer scientist with experience in data analysis spanning the banking, telecom, education, IT and pharma industries. He has a Master’s Degree in Data  Science Statistics track from Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The Software Team

Richard Sonnenblick, CEO

CEO, Enrich Analytics

Richard Sonnenblick founded Enrich Consulting in 1998. His vision has been realized in the Enrich Analytics Platform (EAP), which he created in 2000. Prior to founding Enrich, he built a decision analysis consulting practice at Lumina Decision Systems. Rich holds a PhD and an MS in engineering and public policy from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in physics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. When Rich isn't running the show at Enrich, he can be found kayaking in Monterey Bay or cruising the singletrack at Wilder Ranch.

Matt Muyres

Prinicipal Developer, Enrich Analytics

Matt Muyres leads software development for EAP. His primary focus is on constantly improving our clients' experience through new technologies and capabilities. Prior to Enrich, Matt developed web applications, structured databases, and implemented networks both as a consultant and within companies, and for the United States Navy, where he was a decorated naval technician. When he's not coding something awesome, Matt can usually be found flying RC helicopters and fishing (though usually not at the same time).

Ohad Berman

Senior Manager, Enrich Analytics

Ohad Berman manages engagements to implement EAP in client organizations. He has led projects to develop a competitive analysis platform for a large biotechnology firm and a capacity planning system for a large pharmaceutical client. Prior to joining Enrich, he served as an analyst in the Israeli Air Force. Ohad holds an MSc in defense technology and systems from the National University of Singapore, an MS in operations research from the Naval Postgraduate School, and a BS in physics and mathematics from the Hebrew University. Ohad is confident that, given a chance, EAP can solve the world's problems, and his unparalleled knowledge of current events means he also knows exactly what those problems are.

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